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2013 Help needed: EVSE/Charge Cable no longer covered under Voltec warranty?

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So my 110V charge cable/evse got the dreaded "won't disconnect from the charge port" problem and broke when I wrenched it out. This is a Gen1 2013. Apparently this part "used to be covered under the Voltec warranty," but now they have decided as of Jan 1, 2018, that it is covered under the bumper-to-bumper 3/36 instead. Can they do that? Change after the vehicle is in service what is covered under the warranty? Is the service manager/part manager at Weseloh Chevrolet in Carlsbad, CA misinformed? Should this only apply to new vehicles?

Any help would be appreciated as I'm trying to figure this out in real time...

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Just to summarize. The 2013 is still under the Voltec warranty. The dealer analysis states that the part failure is a warranty issue, but is not covered under warranty because, "The charge cord under "5040230 Drive Motor Battery Charger Cable Replacement", as of Jan 1, 2018, is NO LONGER covered under the Voltec warranty, but now only the B2B warranty."

So my understanding is that they unilaterally, after-the-fact, changed what is covered on an in-service vehicle.
I'd argue that applies to cars sold after 1/1/18, not before. You can't retroactively change warranty coverage.

But how broken is this thing? Pics? Sounds fixable...
The release button to remove from the latch in the charge port is not working so it gets stuck and has to be removed with a pin or something. Trying to remove it caused the front plastic piece where it plugs into the charge port to come off, so all you see are bare metal tubes sticking out. Even if I repaired it, it would still get stuck in the charge port the next time, because the release button does not release the locking mechanism properly.
We're in the era of 3D printers... perhaps you could print the parts to replace the mechanism? Otherwise I'd just buy a J-plug replacement off Amazon and wire that in, I think it's around $100. Or buy a Volt gen2 EVSE off ebay if you can find one.
1 - 2 of 38 Posts
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