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Before buying please answer these questions:

1. How long is your average daily commute

2. Can you charge at work (do you need to)

3. Your cost per kW (example mine is about 8 cents so a full charge costs me about a dollar to go about 40 miles)

4. Can you live with the OEM 120V EVSE (about 10 hours to fully charge a depleted battery). If not you'll want to consider purchasing a Level 2 EVSE on a dedicated 240V 30 amp circuit.

5. Does your state offer any tax or other cash credits

6. Do you ever need to carry more than 3 passengers (plus driver)

As far as my feelings about the Volt, I own TWO Volt's so a picture is worth a thousand words

That's what I think about the Volt. Good luck and you'll love the Volt.
1 - 1 of 22 Posts
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