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2013 fast blinking turn signal

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Hey all,
I've got a 2013 Volt and my right blinker flashes normal speed 3 times then fast blinks. The left blinker flashes at normal speed. When I look at the vehicle I can't see a bulb not working or any good reason for the fast blink on the right side. I've seen mixed messages that the OE assembly uses LED or incandescent - I'm fairly sure it's incandescent, so the filament could be broken but still working on the rear bulb. But how the heck do I get the thing out to inspect/replace the bulb? I can't figure out how to pull the bulb out (or how to find the bulb!)
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Usually, you have to disassemble the plastics in the rear hatch area then you will find a light assembly where you do a twist and the bulb holding assembly comes out. I haven't looked specifically on my volt to see how to get to the bulbs.
There is no "bulb" in the back. The LED is integrated into the tail lamp assembly. Replacing it means partially detaching the rear fascia.

Your front right signal bulb is out.
My guess too. It's the only incandescent signal "bulb".

You didn't mention front or rear so we have to guess.
The charger is in the right front corner of the Gen 1.
Passenger side. Anyway.....

If all "bulbs" light, then you're looking for a bad/loose connection.
1 - 2 of 25 Posts
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