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2013 fast blinking turn signal

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Hey all,
I've got a 2013 Volt and my right blinker flashes normal speed 3 times then fast blinks. The left blinker flashes at normal speed. When I look at the vehicle I can't see a bulb not working or any good reason for the fast blink on the right side. I've seen mixed messages that the OE assembly uses LED or incandescent - I'm fairly sure it's incandescent, so the filament could be broken but still working on the rear bulb. But how the heck do I get the thing out to inspect/replace the bulb? I can't figure out how to pull the bulb out (or how to find the bulb!)
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I'm now having the fast-blinking issue. My driver's side headlight went out, and so I replaced it. I'm still getting a fast-blink when I signal left, and noticed all left-turn lights blink except for the left one in the bumper. However, that one still lights up regardless. Am I understanding that this could be partially burnt out and causing the fast blink? (What are the chances that the left headlamp and blinker light going out at the same time?)

I also looked here, but didn't have much luck:

Thanks for your help! have a turn signal out.... Replace the bulb...
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