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2013 fast blinking turn signal

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Hey all,
I've got a 2013 Volt and my right blinker flashes normal speed 3 times then fast blinks. The left blinker flashes at normal speed. When I look at the vehicle I can't see a bulb not working or any good reason for the fast blink on the right side. I've seen mixed messages that the OE assembly uses LED or incandescent - I'm fairly sure it's incandescent, so the filament could be broken but still working on the rear bulb. But how the heck do I get the thing out to inspect/replace the bulb? I can't figure out how to pull the bulb out (or how to find the bulb!)
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Thanks for all of the responses. Visibly there is nothing wrong from outside the car - every bulb is lit normally and lights up when it's supposed to. For me it's the passenger side, and there are no visible bulbs out - the parking light and blinker appear to be working and the correct brightness. I will try replacing the front bulb anyway, I know filaments can break and lay on other filaments inside the bulb, so it looks like they are working normally but in reality they create the wrong resistance so you get the fast blink.

Will update, hope to do the front bulb this weekend. Thanks again all!!!
Just to update this topic - I never did replace the front bulb. I had a bunch of moisture and occasionally water sloshing around inside the rear pass. taillight housing. I drilled two small holes near the front-most part of the bottom of the lens (above the rear tire, close to the back door) through the clear, and let the water drain out. Problem solved! Hasn't fast-blinked since then. I used a small drill bit, approx. 1/8", and didn't see any issues over the winter. No more water inside the housing, no more fast blinking turn signal! Still using the original front bulbs.
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