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2013 Cat and 02 monitor not ready

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I have a 2013 volt. And for some reason my Cat and 02 monitors will not set. I do not have any faults in the vehicle. I have done driven the vehicle. In mountain mode for a week and in Hold mode for a week still nothing. I used a snap on scanner and recorded the engine sensor data. When reviewing the O2 sensor are reaping correctly. The pre 02s switches about one a second and the post O2S stays steady @ .75v Is this a known issue for volts? If so what is done to correct it?
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You need to run the battery down and run on gas for some set period. Went through this with my 2012 when it got a recall flash at the dealer just before emissions test. I ran battery down and did a freeway run of about 30 miles. That clear down to one code not set and I got it through emissions.
If you have a SnapOn, you should be able to set those monitors to "ready" with the tool. Last time I checked, my SnapOn Solus could do it.
William, Did you ever figure out the issue or resolve it? Having the same problem with our 2013 Volt.
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