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2013 Can I put the car in Neutral after collision? Pls Help

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I just bought a crashed Volt 2013. But as many of you know the car locks if theres a collision, even if it was a minor one.

The problem here is: the car was loader to the truck with a forklift at the auction center but there will be no forklift available on delivery (it is a house).

Do you know if the car could be put in Neutral to unload it just by turning it on?
I know it won't star or be in "Ready" status but at least can I put it in neutral?

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I doubt it. There's a solenoid in the center console at the shifter itself that locks the car in Park until the car is happy with the state of the powertrain and computers - and I'm assuming your crashed car will never become happy without repairs.

Somewhere around here there's a thread explaining how you can pull off the passenger side trim and use a screwdriver to depress the solenoid to free the shifter in an emergency. I'll dig out the link when I have time later if no one beats me to it.
Here is the post with pictures:
Thanks. That's exactly what I did. Now the next thing is to unlock the car or erase the accident so I can get it into "Ready".
I already ordered a VXDIAG tool with GDS2 to see what I can do.
Actually the crash was minor (The bumper cover just cracked a little bit). No airbag deployed, the seatbelts pretensioner did though.
I remember a place in Georgia where you send your seatbelts and they fix them. The same with the airbag module. They "clear" the accident so the airbag system works again like nothing happend. I did it once with a Cobalt many years ago. I guess it is still the same thing.

btw: they lost the key (keyfob) do you know if I can program a new one with GDS2? or I'd need a tis2web suscription to do that?
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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