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2013 Air Conditioning Not Working

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Hey everyone,
I drive a 2013 Gen1 Chevy Volt and have been having some problems with my A/C. Recently I was not getting any cold air from my eco or comfort settings. The fan still blew air, the heater still blew hot air, and the heated seats still worked. The check engine light came on the other day so I plugged into the OBDII port to learn I was low on refrigerant. I topped it off with R134a and made sure the gauge was within the recommended levels when the engine was running. After checking it held pressure I deleted the error code and it has not returned since. However, nothing has changed; I still am not getting cold air from eco or comfort settings. The screen says the A/C is "on" and it does not flicker on and off like other posts I have read. I have tried going from "High" (>90) to "Low" (<60 degrees) and while the air heats up, it never cools below ambient air temperatures. I can definitely hear something when eco/comfort is chosen, though I can't describe the sound. Kind of like a higher pitched sound of air flowing.

I also tried resetting the fuse on the air conditioning control module. Fuse looks good.

Please let me know your thoughts. I'm at 96000 miles so I'm hoping the compressor is under warranty if that's the cause, but again no error codes so I don't even know if this is equipment failure.
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The A/C in the Volt not only cools the passenger compartment, but also has a separate loop to cool the battery coolant. It uses a system of valves to allow refrigerant in and out of both loops, and unlike a conditional vehicle with the A/C powered by a belt and turned off and on by a clutch, the Volt compressor is variable in speed (and system pressure) based on the cooling demands required. It's not a simple, binary a/c system where the compressor is either on or off, and in order to be most efficient, it only cools as much as required.

If it were me, I'd take it to the dealer. A leak in the a/c system should be fixed, as the Volt uses the a/c for more than just the cabin, but to actually reduce the wear and tear on the battery by keeping it at the optimal temperature. It's far too complex of a system to really know what's going on without the proper scan tools and procedures.
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