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#4 Mine did that actually seemed to be the Navigation System. Worked with a Volt Advisor & a couple of visits to dealers. My Nav System crashed when trying to add a intermediate destination. Call your Volt Advisor.

#1 Sirius expired without a peep? I added HD Radio & had it professionally installed. Great for classical music on PBS, Often on HD2 channel. Other HD Stations too offer much variety.
#2 When I talked to Volt Advisors about not turning on the Radio they explained one audio system instead a separate one for the Nav was a efficiency, cost, weight etc.
# 3 Using the voice recognition is a great idea. Now that I have Michelins the road noise decrease may allow it. I also send addresses to the Nav System using the My Chevrolet app.
The car is incredible & I hope you can adapt to the ways you need to interface with it. Best Wishes
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