By CorvetteGuy

A webinar held Tuesday by the Center for Sustainable Energy California outlined the qualification requirements and application procedures for the upcoming 2012 Chevrolet Volt with the “Low Emissions Package” which qualifies for new incentives.

As explained on the CSEC Web site , purchasers of the 2012 Volt, (new models that begin production next month) will be able to take advantage of an additional rebate of $1,500 from the State of California through the CSEC. In addition, this modified Volt will qualify for the coveted green HOV lane sticker.


Those who complete the application after their purchase and provide the three required pieces of documentation will be mailed a rebate check for $1,500.

As of today there is about $8.3 Million still available for Californians through this program. In a similar fashion to the Federal Tax Credit Program, this $1,500 rebate cannot be used at the time of purchase toward the purchase price. This is a rebate, (with restrictions that I will get to in a moment) that is mailed directly to the consumer after the fact.

Here are the eligibility requirements:


There are two noteworthy restrictions:

1) The buyer has to reside or have a business in California. Customers from out-of-state can’t stop in to pick up a Volt and then leave the state with it.
2) It is a contractual requirement that the vehicle stays in California for a minimum of 36 months, which they went into detail about. They will be checking with the California DMV to verify registration of the Volt in California for three years. If they discover the vehicle has been registered in another state, they can and will get their money back from you.

Applying for the rebate is easy through their Web site.


Just go to their Web site, click the link to the application form and go for it.

You will be asked to provide three pieces of documentation: 1) Your vehicle registration, 2) proof of residency, 3) your purchase Contract or lease documents. Business purchasers have an additional document that they have to provide.


Remember, this California rebate only applies to the new 2012 Volts with the “Low Emissions Package” and is not retro-active to previous models. Also, there is no conversion kit or dealer modification available to make existing Volts compliant with the new restrictions to this program.

The new 2012 Volt is not yet shown on the CARB Web site for qualification for the HOV lane stickers but it will be in early 2012.

If the only thing keeping you from placing your order with a Chevy Dealer was the HOV Sticker and more government subsidies, well, you’re out of excuses now!


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