A 2012 Volt now has 247,585.61 total miles on it as of yesterday, of which 35 percent were all-electric and lifetime mpg is stated as 59.4.

Some of you probably are already aware of the story of Erick Belmer of Ohio who was written about by InsideEVs a year ago when he had over 146,000 miles, and again seven months ago when he crossed 200,000 miles .

At the 146,000 mile mark, InsideEVs said the Volt had only needed in the way of repairs a right front wheel bearing being replaced, and he still got 40 miles on the battery, a bit less in winter.

At the 200,000-mile mark, he was reported as saying the Volt was still doing great.

“Volt is holding up flawlessly! No noticeable battery capacity loss. Used 9.7 kw because it’s a 2012. I am so pleased with this vehicle!”

“The Volt was always my dream car! To get to drive it everyday is a dream come true! This car is Wonderfully engineered!”

Yesterday GM Authority and others picked up the story that the pace has not decreased for the Volt bought March 28, 2012, according to InsideEVs.

Belmer’s typical daily commute is reported as 240 miles round trip, and a peak day has seen 430 miles.

Oil changes are every 38,000 miles, tire rotations are at 10,000 miles and no major maintenance has been reported.

Data is all recorded on Voltstats .

Do you think he has gotten his money’s worth from this Volt?

Will the 2016 be as robust?

Belmer's advice for "Sparkie" on Voltstats: "Drive it like you stole it."