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2012 Switches to gas mode with Battery Charge remaining

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I have a 2012 Chevy volt with 140,000 miles. It has not had any issues until now. The car will switch to gas mode while there is still plenty of charge remaining in the battery (as much as 80%). The temperature is well above freezing. Stopping, shutting of the car off and restarting resolves the issue. I took it to the dealer. however, the computer was not writing any errors codes.

Any ideas what could be causing this?
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My ‘13 has 134k miles on it and I’ve seen this same behavior a couple times now. My car has spent 99% of its life getting 240v charges, but each time I’ve had the odd motor start when it shouldn’t - was after charging with 110v and not quite being finished charging when unplugged.
It’s almost like their is a glitch in the cars ability to calculate electric miles left. The engine seems to stop and start randomly. I’ve not tried to datalog because there has been no consistency in having the problem. The issue has not re-occurred since the weather got colder.

Have a hunch this may be an early clue that a cell is getting weak and Jiminy may be ahead of the curve on this.
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