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2012 Service Airbag Sensor

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I am a proud Volt and Bolt owner, but recently have had an issue with my Volt. The service airbag light is on, and the dealership says that it is the passenger side seat 'passenger presence module' that needs to be replaced, at a cost of over $800. The car is a 2012 with 65k miles, so is out of warranty, but I just find it really disappointing that this kind of manufacturer issue is not covered by the manufacturer through a recall or factory warranty. This isn't an issue of routine maintenance, and the car has never been in an accident, so it just does not seem like something I should have to pay $800 for. I used to only drive Prius' and Insights, and never had any such issue with my Honda's or Toyota's. I am new to Chevy as of this year with my new bolt and used volt, and am definitely disappointed if this is the level of manufacturer quality I can expect from now on. Has any one else had a similar problem with their first gen volt, and had any luck resolving it? Thanks!
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My "Service Airbag" light/dinging will only go off if I have the correct amount of pressure in just the right spot. I have a VCX Nano and SPS subscription from just recently clearing the Service High voltage Charging System problems. From what I've read, there is a rezeroing procedure involved with replacing the PPS. Can I do the rezeroing calibration myself? if not, can I program the vehicle to stop triggering the Service Airbag light?
I have been getting this "Service Airbag" for well over a year now. In order for me to drive without ding ding, I have to place my backpack in just the right spot on the passenger seat to get the error message to disappear.

I recently purchased the VCX Nano and SPS subscription to reflash my HPCM2 after another issue with the coolant sensor. Is there anyway I can recalibrate or rezero my passenger presence sensor using these tools? If not, is there anyway to disable the check for this sensor in the Passenger Presence Module?
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