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2012 Gas engine comes on with full hi voltage battery charged

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2012 volt Car has 150,000 miles on it
In normal range
full charge on battery after normal charge cycle 220 v
after a few miles of driving the car it
changes to gas but engine does not start

suspect a couple of week or bad cells

what occurs next is low power indication and check engine light comes on

If I shut car off and restart goes back to battery but states engine not available
and shows low power

Back at house I recharge car with 220 volt charger it will charge full and normal
If I start car normal and put in mountain and drive several cycles and check engine light goes out
and workers normal except engine will start in mountain mode run a while then switch back to
normal mode

Can any one explain why this seems to work with car put in mountain mode after start?
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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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