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Gen1-2012-100k km: Parking overnight after a 3 hour highway drive revealed a couple ounces of coolant under the front right. Visual inspection could not find the source, the lowest drips were found at the bottom of the high voltage A/C pump. Not enough loss to see notable change in tank levels, but the battery tank was a bit below my mark. Still under Voltec warrenty, so I took it in (first time for problem). $200. later, was told the engine water pump was leaking. I was doubtful, as from what I could see, the area under the pulley seemed dry.. $8-900 estimate...I asked to talk with the Volt the car, he said all three systems were pressure tested and the engine water pump was \pissing'. Mentioning the battery coolant tank level, he said that tank will go down a bit in cooler weather (large volume system, small recovery tank). Thank-you, I'll call to book an appointment...
Got onto this forum, and from this posted video by mjspiess : How To: Replace Engine Water Pump I gained enough confidence to attempt the job myself.
I've done this type of work before, and had a homemade engine support fixture, had the time, so I got at it. Many small details left out of the video, so it took more time to get the engine bracket off. The top two of three bolts must be completly removed, with the engine raised to remove the forward bolt. The lower bolt was a bugger. The coolant lines and charger conduit had to be moved away from the frame rail. The engine had to be lowered to rest on the subframe, a 15mm socket placed on the bolt from above with a telescopic magnet, a wobble extension fed onto the socket, then when the threads clear the engine block, the bolt and bracket tilt over just enough to sneak that bolt under the frame rail with needle nose visegrips.
Raise the engine to get enough room to wrangle the bracket out. This revealed the water pump. It was dry.! AHH! But I was told it was leaking! Thought I was in a potential fraud, so I put it back togehther. I didn't have a pressure tester, so I ran the engine to warm and pressure the system. Found a slight wet trace at the very front of the I took it apart again and changed the pump, gasket and belt.
Getting that belt on was a trick too...needed a helper to rotate the crankshaft bolt (15mm again) clockwise as I guided the belt around the water pump pulley with both thumbs.
The next morning, a bit of coolant evidence on cardboard under the car. Just residual from what was leaked out during the job. Later that day, a 700km round trip rewarded my hard work with success. No leaks, dry as a Bob Newhart joke.
It turned out to be a leak at the engine water pump gasket. I possibly could have just re-torqued the pump bolts, but for the effort to get at it, I put the new one in. Got a good spare now. I used an AC Delco pump (made in Germany) but not the OE silicone coated metal a Fel-pro paper gasket with a silicone bead on the engine side and put a very light film of waterproof grease on the pump machined surfaces. Not a job for the faint of heart, but not beyond any experienced DIY mechanic. Learned a lot, my Volt Tech was right. Good guy to know. Still astounded by the Volt, it figures the old ICE technology gave issues. Glad I can fix my car myself. Maybe my next car won't have an engine to worry about, just a motor, or two! or three!!
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