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2012 Condenser Leak

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Hi Fellow Volters,

My car has about 84,000 miles and the AC decided to go a couple days ago. I dropped it off at my area Chevy dealer and they texted me that the condenser leaks and that the repairs will be $ 1,730 parts and labor (apparently not covered under Voltec warranty). I searched online and the part seem to cost under $ 200.

He even mentioned that I needed to replace the cabin filter that will cost $ 59.95, which I already installed last year that cost me $ 14 online.

Anyone had the same experience? I'm thinking to buy the part and get my regular mechanic to work on it.


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If "condenser" means compressor, then it SHOULD be covered under the 10-year Voltec warranty. But I think the compressor would cost more than $200 since it's a one of a kind 360VAC compressor. Do you have a better description of the $200 part that needs to be replaced?

I'm also in Houston, and of course the A/C is an absolute necessity. But since it's also necessary for cooling the battery, I have read multiple times that it is covered by the Voltec warranty (at least the parts involved with cooling the battery, and the compressor would be one of those parts).
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