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Hello everyone! :) new to the volt forums here. First of all you all have been absolutely marvelous with your insightful information.

I bought a first generation 2012 Chevy volt, used, around 47,000 miles. The car did not have a charger and had about 9 miles in range left. I drove it home from Tampa on mountain mode to preserve the battery, the car worked well until 3 days after, I bought a stage 2 charger and plugged it in after receiving a propulsion power lost message. I reprogrammed it and was able to get it to charge, the message came back and I had to reprogram it again. However this time I left it charging for about 2-3 days I believe, it ran perfect. Never freaked out on me, never gave me the message again.

The car was in mint condition, only issue was the onstar fuse which had to be a 12Amp (i think), had been replaced with a 30amp which friend the system so the onstar doesn't work and the BCM won't let me reset my date and time, but besides that it works perfectly. And then here comes last week. I drove the volt, the battery drained and then engine kicked on, however it gave the Propolusion power reduced (P0AFA) code and once again had to reprogram and recharge for a few days, fine. After I get in to drive the battery is full 35 mi, the battery is being used BUT its using the gas engine as well, using the battery to accelerate, using the generator to ride.

I will link videos to demonstrate what I'm saying a little better. Soon, just have to upload it and link them in the comments.

However, the battery shows up grayed out but with its 30 mi range on it, as I use the battery it depletes but it mains the gas engine on any speed over 30 miles per hour.

Has anyone ever had this issue? Seems complex yet simple, the car either can't access the battery over the engine or the battery has low amps?? Sometimes when driving quick or just even randomly it will swap to the battery for a little bit, then suddenly go back and then swap back and forth, no codes are present. I used gds2 to check its system and all the cells are at 4.09 Volts, however it tells me Battery Terminal 1 is at 388.0 Volts
But Battery Pack Terminal 2 is at 0.0 Volts.

The hood is latched, the sensor for the dexcoolant is good, the car seems fine except for that.
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