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2012 Comfort setting, NO HEAT

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Well, it's been almost 6 years, and I've never had an issue with getting heat when I want it. I'm used to barely getting warm air in ECO, but today I had it in COMFORT and HI, and still the heat wouldn't come on.
So I did a remote start a couple minutes before leaving, but not long enough to really warm it up. When I got in, the air was slightly warm. Just after leaving my driveway, the thermometer dropped to 22F, so ERDTT kicked in. It heated up quick and provided nice warm air for about 5 minutes after the engine stopped. I kept it in COMFORT 76F for a while, and the air started getting cooler. I turned the temp up to no avail. I'm fighting a bit of an illness, so the cold was bothering me and I was getting frustrated. The engine never kicked back on either (and no HOLD).

Finally I stopped at a stoplight and shut the car down and restarted. When it came back on, the temp read 28F and the heat kicked on instantly. I had warm air in under a minute.

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Some folks have had to reset the heating system (either a restart or fuse pull) to get heat back. Make sure your car has all the applicable software updates installed. Every car is unique. Only a qualified Volt tech can pull the required updates based on VIN. In the past, Volt advisers could do that, Their replacements: Chevy Electric Customer Support, may not have the same skills/capabilities.
I got the dreaded no-heat about once or twice a month until they spit some software update into her. Now I get heat every time.
Well, it seems have had no heat more often than not the last couple days. Guess I'll be making a trip to the dealer.
Can anyone point me to any more info on the software update? Also, since I well out of the B2B warranty, am I going to have to pay for this?
Heat isn't part of the powertrain warranty (though the powertrain is needed to generate heat). I suspect you will need to pay for something. I got mine fixed within the first 3 months of Volt ownership.
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