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2012 Chevy Volt Owner

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Hi, I am based in the UK where we have 218 remaining Volts on the road (and a few more Opel Amperas).
I got mine at a insurance auction after it was hit in the rear. Nothing a body jack and a hot air gun couldnt fix.

I love it. I get 40+ miles on a charge - even seen 53 once. I have been avoiding motorways where the speed limit is 70 mpg because the range drops off rapidly.

I am looking into vortext generators to fix this. It seems that it is the drag over the rear window at those speeds. VG's are not cost effective to mass produce, but are very efficient on light aircraft and wind turbines.

If anyone has had any luck with this I would be interested in how it worked out. If not, well I'll be doing some experiments and trying to add photos and videos.


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When our iMiEV's first came out back in 2012, we had a couple guys experiment with them to see if they would extend the high speed range of the car. They installed 6 or 8 of them across the back end, but they made no actual measurable difference - I *think* they probably have a bigger effect at higher speeds than our freeway speeds, but even on an airplane at 150 or 200 mph, I suspect any improvement would be difficult to actually measure - 2 or 3% maybe. On your Volt, I think you might possibly see a freeway improvement of 1 extra mile of battery range, but that's not going to solve your problem . . . . but then, that would be about a 3% improvement and even that much is probably more than you would realistically get, *if* you could accurately measure the change which is so hard to do, given all the other variables which you can't control

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