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Few months ago I get a "Service High Voltage Charging System" error on my 2012 Opel Ampera with a huge suspicion about coolant level sensor problem. So I installed a WOT plug and reflashed HPCM2 and BECM. It works pretty good during 6-7 months.
Last week with a cold temp outside I get this error again ; so I decided to replaced the 7 years old 12V agm battery first as it could also be one of the HVCS error causes.

Then, with a brand new AGM battery installed, I suscribed a 2h SPS license to reflash HPCM2 and BECM with my VCX nano to reset P1E00, P1F0E and P1FFF errors. HPCM2 update works as expected but I made a mistake for BECM update...
I choose K57 module despite K16 module, so I started to update the charger ECU but I get an error during the update...

Since, I can't update this module anymore and I have permanent errors P16C1 and P16C2 when I plug the charging cord "These code are usually set as a result of a incomplete BCCM programming event"). The charging indicator stay orange and then switch off.
See enclosed a screenshot of the message I get when i tried to update this module.

Has anyone ever encountered this kind of problem ? Can I hope to solve the problem with my VCX nano or I will have to ask an Opel garage ?

Thanks and happy new year ! ;)


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