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Bluetooth audio wasn't added until late 2012. When the Volt was released, the MyLink software wasn't compatible with the Navigation software I think. It took them a year to be able to get MyLink into the Premium Volts.
I don't think anyone else has tried to get Bluetooth audio into a 2012. I just use the Aux input on mine, and that works fine for me.

As far as updating, I believe you just use the USB in the console. Which brings my complaint: Why can't the USB port provide enough power to charge a phone?
The USB port in the center console of my 2014 does provide enough current to charge my Pixel, albeit VERY slowly. If I have an app running on the Pixel while it is plugged in, the battery life diminishes slowly (not enough power from the USB port).

My wish is for a second USB port under the dash in the center console.

Read post #11 at to better understand the power available for charging from the USB port.

EDIT: Using a USB adapter plugged into the PTO in the rear passenger cubby should provide enough power to recharge a phone quickly.
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