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2012 Are gen 1 transmissions interchangeable between years?

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I have a 2012 volt without opt yk8, I was wondering if the volt is compatible with any 2011-2014 transmission?
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According to the parts guy, the transmission part # for 2011-12 is the same, with or without YK8. The rest have different part numbers. Option YK8 means Identification Effective Point Control Interim.
I guess what I mean to ask is would a 2014 transmission fit in an early 2012 model without opt YK8? The part numbers are different but I've read there are no changes and of course any chevy dealership I ask says only get what matches. Unfortunately due to the supply of 2011-early 2012 there's not that many choices for that specific part number, and they're more expensive of course.
How can you find out if your car is yk8?
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