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2011 Volt Charger Repaired with Pics

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Ok guys, got a charger that was overheating the plug (wall to charger). Couldn't find any writeups on this except for the newer ones that actually have a cover that can be removed.

I had to pry off one side of the covers that act as way to keep your cord wrapped in place, then I had to dremel cut one side open. These are sealed and no other way to open it.

You can see the insulation flaking off the wires and is a definite fire hazard. I bought a heavy duty plug and has some spare pool light wiring which I believe is 14 guage. I used black plastic epoxy to seal it all back up. No easy task but she's back in operation and again and is now using the proper gauge wiring and no longer a fire hazard.

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That would be the charging rate that you are using. If you have not set it to 12 Amps, then it defaults to 8 Amps.
I run mine automatically at 12 Amps in my "Home" location.
If the wires burnt up at 8 Amps, that is a serious problem. I would call GM (not the local dealer) and check on warranty.
I would think that they would be have liability if there was a fire. Much like the $0.50 ignition switch fix, they held off on, that killed many people.
The charge current on the OEM EVSE for 2011 is set on the EVSE not in the car. Selection is done by pressing a mechanical button on the EVSE which stays in the selected mode until it is pressed again to change the current setting.

VIN # B0985
Interesting. Didn't know that. I have it charging my Volt right now at it's default level with no issue on the cord heating up like it did before.
The "default" level could be either 8A or 12A depending on what the EVSE was set for. There are 2 buttons on the front of the EVSE, one of which is used to set the "default" current level. IFRC the EVSE will illuminate 1 of the green lights for 8A and 2 green lights for 12A.

VIN # B0985
@AZ EV Driver - That is partially correct....

The EVSE indicates to the car the maximum current it can deliver. The car will not try to draw more current than that, but may draw less.

When charging from 120V (L1), the car (Volt, Gen 1) defaults to drawing 8 Amps, but can be set to draw 12Amps for a single charging session. If the EVSE indicates it can deliver something less than 8/12 Amps (unusual), the car will charge at whatever the EVSE indicates.

When charging from 208V/240V (L2), the Volt will draw the lesser of either 16Amps (the most it can draw), or whatever the EVSE has indicated it can deliver (usually at least 20Amps).

@MPDano - you are likely charging at 8 Amps if you're using the OEM EVSE, and not switching the car to 12Amps (instructions in the user guide.)
The 2011 (and 2012 I think) have the charging current level set on the EVSE. It is not set in the vehicle. Obviously, if the EVSE is set for 8A it indicates that to the onboard charger in the Volt and it will only draw 8A. However, if the EARLY Gen1 EVSE is set for 12A the Volt will draw 12A. The later Gen1 Volts were changed to making the current selection in the car, with a default of 8A and requiring the driver to change it to 12A before turning off the Volt - a real PITA. Probably created more L2 sales with that single change. The Gen2 made that a little more acceptable by implementing "Location Based" charging for L1.

VIN # B0985
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