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2011 Quick question about driving in L

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Hello, all, new Volt owner here. (Edit to mention it's a 2011)

When driving in L, and letting off the acceleration to slow the car down- do the brake lights activate?
Having been rear ended in a bad accident in the past, I'm a bit more hypersensitive to the possibility.
Slowing down as much as the Volt can without using the brake pedal has me worried about catching other drivers off guard if there's no indication.
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As soon as the traction system detects any wheelslip, it'll turn off regen anyway,
It sure does, and makes it feel like the car is accelerating (its not).

I use to drive in L most of the time, then wife followed me home from a service appointment. She mentioned that it weirded her out that I could go down a steep hill without accelerating and the brake lights not coming on. Now, unless I'm using CC, I just apply light pressure to the service brakes. Lights the brake lights, still get the same regen, and folks behind me feel better.
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