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2011 no electric heat

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hello everyone i have a 2011 volt with no heat it is out of warrenty so it will not go to the dealer again. I have put a new heater control valve, new heater core filter that got me heat from gas engine.I checked electric coolant pump it's was good. Had dealer reprogram computer. only thing that i can think of is electric coolant heating element. But would like to test it some how before just buying new. Any help would be great sense i live in Minnesota and it is cold. thanks
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Would be helpful if all these threads could be combined under one "Heater problems"' heading.
Or, people could post under an existing thread rather than creating new threads on existing topics. :)

To the OP, I have no info on a test, but the service manual likely does. Then there is the age old, "did you check the fuse?"
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