Why would we be interested in the 2010 Cobalt's appearance on GM-Volt.com?

Well, this next generation Cobalt will be built on the same platform as the Chevy Volt. It is GM's next generation global compact architecture platform called Global Delta.

I must make it clear, the photo is a spy photo of the Cobalt NOT the Volt. The Volt will not look like the Cobalt either, as Volt lead designer Bob Boniface said the Volt "would not be a Cobalt with a battery."

The value of this image is to see the basic size and stance the production Volt will occupy, and in a way brings us one step closer to production.

This new platform is also a good thing for GM, considering the recent dramatic consumer shift to small cars and away from trucks and SUVs because of gas prices. GM can leverage this compact platform effectively worldwide, allowing many new cars and propulsion systems to be built on it, in a highly cost-effective manner. This could represent a huge savings for GM in costs of materials and product development. Reportedly, insiders have suggested GM has plans for as many as 30 vehicles on this platform over the next 4 years.

The platform's dimensions allow for a diverse spectrum of designs including crossovers and hatchbacks, and of course, the Volt.

Source ( Motor Trend )