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Has anyone tried adapting the bad ass hybrid transmission from the Tahoe hybrid for use in a race car.

I would think it would drop right into a 5th or 6th gen Camaro, and potentially add more power than a supercharger with the right battery pack and Programming for the power control unit. A high amp, low capacity battery would work fine, since extended electric only drive is not a consideration, like maybe an older tesla pack with the Sony cells.

The hard part, of course would be the software, unless one of the gm engineers were to help out, of course.

I wonder what the max output you could get for a short, say 1/4 mile burst. It was rated at 220hp per motor, and it has two of them. I am not sure if both can apply max power for forward propulsion at a wide range of speeds, while keeping the ice at a happy rpm, but even one, if rated at 110hp for use in a long lasting street application could certainly be pushed a lot harder, especially if cooling capacity is upgraded.
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