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17" wheels might be too small

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After looking very close at the picture of the fiberglass property, I have come to the conclusion the small wheels may be geared for mechanical advantage but the sacrafice in appearance is too significant. Big wheels are much more of the good look of the concept than I first realized. Guessing, they look like 16". Come on guys, please hold on to 18" at minimum. Of course economy is important but to win the market you need an edge, and appearance is that edge that will spark public interest. Use Ulra-caps for extra boost to turn those big wheels.
Go GM go!
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17" wheels

Well according to GM the Volt will have 17's. They look good and are not too small. Thank you at GM.

The production Volt has 18" wheels on it...see my thread above.
You may be correct, However I got my info from this site

at the bottom of the page it says - specially developed low rolling-resistance tires on 17-inch forged aluminum wheels

This link is a GM web page so maybe 18" are an option!
I hope so...18" are superior.
I just zoomed in real close to the photo that shows the rear tire side view (the only portrait photo). It's right on the bottom of the tire sidewall.

Why all the Prius-bashing?! I love my Prius and think it looks awesome! A lot of auto manufacturers are switching to the general shape of the Prius, called a "Kammback" design. Then, unfortunately there isn't a lot to go on after that because to have efficiency you must have low wheel weight, and many of the same design features you see on the Prius, and other similar Kammback cars. We will just have to make that design sacrifice and reap the rewards of efficiency!
I wouldn't mind having an 18" option, as long as it didn't detract too much from overall range or performance. Wheels that are too big/heavy would probably adversely impact the EV range or performance.

If they were forged, lightweight 18s that didn't add substantially to the unsprung weight, then sure, why not?
21 - 26 of 26 Posts
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