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17" wheels might be too small

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After looking very close at the picture of the fiberglass property, I have come to the conclusion the small wheels may be geared for mechanical advantage but the sacrafice in appearance is too significant. Big wheels are much more of the good look of the concept than I first realized. Guessing, they look like 16". Come on guys, please hold on to 18" at minimum. Of course economy is important but to win the market you need an edge, and appearance is that edge that will spark public interest. Use Ulra-caps for extra boost to turn those big wheels.
Go GM go!
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Good news for all of the big wheel fashion folks. There is a thriving after market that will love to sell and install what ever size wheel you what on your Volt. You want to stick the DUB badge on the side? No problem, they can do it. This is how they roll in my neighborhood;

16" standard with a 17" upgrade will be just fine. Everything has to be a balance on this car.
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In 21st century auto design, we emulate the architectural maxim, "Form follows function".
What an ugly world that would be if it were to be strictly followed. The Soviets employed this philosophy and the results and their popularity show that most humans don't care to live that way. Thankfully, unless hindered by outside forces like government, we are a naturally artistic creature. It is one our defining characteristic features that differentiates us from the animals.

Function is very important and must be kept foremost in our minds when creating machines and appliances. But form is the interface and what makes life bearable with these machines. Even in this new age of "burn no oil" and "carbon will kill us" environment, there is still room for industrial design and art. EVs will be bound and constrained by function alone for a time, but as batteries, fuel cells, capacitors, etc. get better and better there will be room for more art for art's sake in automobiles. It's in our nature.
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