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17" wheels might be too small

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After looking very close at the picture of the fiberglass property, I have come to the conclusion the small wheels may be geared for mechanical advantage but the sacrafice in appearance is too significant. Big wheels are much more of the good look of the concept than I first realized. Guessing, they look like 16". Come on guys, please hold on to 18" at minimum. Of course economy is important but to win the market you need an edge, and appearance is that edge that will spark public interest. Use Ulra-caps for extra boost to turn those big wheels.
Go GM go!
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Amen to that!

18" minimum. The wheels on the concept were oversized, I agree, but they were key to the visual impact the car had. You want people on the road to see this thing and say, "THAT'S a great looking car!"

I can't help think that bigger wheels make a bigger impression. I know they may be slightly less efficient. But, GM can't go for maximum range and minimum style. That would be a mistake.

GM is throwing down the EV gauntlet with this car. Give the others some harder to aim at. Keep the wheels big GM.

The Volt is not a Prius!! GM should be trying to change the game entirely with this car. That's the point of the concept design. If they wanted to make a GM Prius, they could have shown it to us last year and it would be parked at the top of this web page.

They didn't. The Volt is something different. Maybe smaller wheels can be an option on this car. I would GLADLY give up some range to drive a car that looks like the concept rather than get maximum mileage driving a rolling, generic, boring econobox. GM should be trying to give people a different option other than the ugly Toyota appliance. Break the mental image most have of an electric car. The Japanese image.

The Volt should be everything the Prius is not. Stylish, fun to drive, electric car. If GM would build a stylish electric car, not a "hot wheels car" (I don't understand the comparison), but a sharp looking, fun design with, yes, larger than usual wheels, the Japanese makers will be stuck. Particularly if driving the Volt is fun!

Imagine that.
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