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17 Volt owners test drive of Bolt

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Finally got my chance to get behind the wheel of a new Bolt at my local NJ Chevy dealer.

I liked the size, shape roominess much more than my Volt. It seemed more quiet and peppy and rode smoother than the Volt. Liked the extra Regen over the Bolt. The interior was a total turnoff unfortunately. Very small uncomfortable seats, cheap hard plastics which looked very uninviting especially without the cheerfulness a sunroof might offer. On the level of an 17k car, not a 43k car.

So for now I will stick with my gen2 Volt until the next gen Bolt hopefully has an acceptable interior.

I am sure getting the range made it tough to get to a price point that is semi affordable but the terrible cheap interior would make me unhappy once the new wore off.
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My wife and I took and extended test drive in a Bolt EV last Tuesday. Absolutely loved it. All of it. When availability improves we will likely be replacing my wife's Sonic with a Bolt EV. And the CCS charging network is far more comprehensive than the supercharger network around us. The cargo space was bigger than I thought. I took a large travel bag with us and it fit under the false load floor in the Bolt EV with room to spare and I could fit another two above it. Which is more than I could fit in my Volt (only one would fit in the Volt with some space for smaller bags around it).

Six months ago there were three CCS chargers in Ontario. Today there is over a hundred. By the fall there should be over three hundred. 90% of them are 50KW units. The rest are or will be BMW or Chevy dealer installed 24KW units. And this is just round one of EV infrastructure funding.

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