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17 Volt owners test drive of Bolt

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Finally got my chance to get behind the wheel of a new Bolt at my local NJ Chevy dealer.

I liked the size, shape roominess much more than my Volt. It seemed more quiet and peppy and rode smoother than the Volt. Liked the extra Regen over the Bolt. The interior was a total turnoff unfortunately. Very small uncomfortable seats, cheap hard plastics which looked very uninviting especially without the cheerfulness a sunroof might offer. On the level of an 17k car, not a 43k car.

So for now I will stick with my gen2 Volt until the next gen Bolt hopefully has an acceptable interior.

I am sure getting the range made it tough to get to a price point that is semi affordable but the terrible cheap interior would make me unhappy once the new wore off.
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I guess the interior must be a personal thing because I'm not only fine with it, I really like it. The most articulate alternative I've ever heard someone state is that they prefer "soft-touch" plastics. While I understand, I'm not sure why soft-touch plastics on panels you never touch is that big of a deal. The arm rest on the door is soft-touch. The center console is soft-touch. The steering wheel is thick and soft touch. What else do you regularly touch? Seems kind of odd to me to "feel up" your car interior.

Also, the textured, white dash panels are one of my favorite features.
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