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The fact you asked.... get an electrician.

If I treat the 2 questions separately, yes, if you happen to have a dryer plug that is 240v, you can plug the level 2mevse into it assuming you have the right pigtail. So you wouldn't have to install a dedicated line, but you'd have to plug and unplug the dryer and EVSE every time you want to switch appliances. Over time that plug will fail from all the plugging and unplugging.

For the 2nd question, others have answered it.

When the two questions are taken together, it doesn't make sense at all. You can't plug most level 2 evses into a level 1 plug, unless it is a special dual voltage EVSE that gives you the convenience of plugging into either. But it won't ever give you 16 amps at 110v.
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