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My electric service is provided by a semi-rural power co-op. The monthly bill consists of 3 tems:

Basic Service Charge
KWH usage

The Basic charge is the same no matter the usage, and no matter whether I have an electric car. I pay that to just get the power into the house. It was there before I ever bought the Volt.

The only impact the Volt has on my electric bill is the extra KWH used over and above my house usage and the added tax on that usage. I don't factor the basic charge into the Volt operating cost because it would remain on the bill with, or without, the Volt usage. If the Volt power was via a separate metered account, then it would be included in the Volt costs.

At that point I consider the actual Volt power cost to be just the KWH use and taxes. KWH rates vary slightly through the year – between 11.5 and 12 cents. I also get 10% off during the summer months because I have my AC on a peak demand discount program.
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