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1500-2000 off New Tesla Model S

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No offense intended but would like to offer a proposal.

Tesla has a referral program until October 31. Buyers going through an owners portal get $1000 off. The referring owner gets a $1000 credit.

I will give anyone 500 of my credit and if 10 go through my portal, I give all $1000 so that you can get $2000 off.

Portal Http://

See video at


REX @562-712-2974
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This is why Tesla is testing this process out.

They want to see if this generates sales that wouldn't otherwise be generated.
I strongly suspect Tesla won't continue this beyond the test date due to the number of people simply posting to forums and selling their referral links on eBay.
The three Model X cars (one per region) have already been "won" by those who marketed their links with the most success.

Type "Tesla Discount" or other variations as a web search and see ads that click you to Tesla's Design Studio with the discount. Tesla Motors cannot be very pleased over the bogus web addresses that appear to be a official Tesla site, but hiding behind the company link is the owner's discount.

I sent out emails early on and posted my link at HybridCars, but no takers yet. Why should there be when there is one company giving the entire $2000 to the buyer with no strings attached PLUS throwing in $1000 of accessories from T Sportline. Amazing response as the person's name rises up on the "Progress" screen of the iPhone. IMHO, only those who got the email from T Sportline got the link. T Sportline is even tracking the link themselves as you can see at the bottom of this post.

What will be interesting is how many Founder Edition Model X will be ordered by those who reached the top.

PS: Here is the $3000 email text:

Earn $3,000 in savings
by T Sportline

Many owners are aware that Tesla Motors wouldn't be where they are today without all of us owners. A large part of their success has been worth of mouth sales through early adopters and current owners.

Per their program, "Anyone who orders a new Model S before October 31st using the referral link of a current owner will get $1,000 off the purchase price. In return, the current owner will get a $1,000 discount that can be applied to a new car, service center visit or accessory."

We are adding to this incentive! We are giving away our $1,000 back to anyone who orders through our link as well as a T Sportline store credit of $1000! A total of $3,000 in savings for the new Model S owner! Email or call us 866-991-4776 to get involved and save a friend $3,000!

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I'm confused.

If Tesla has a backlog of orders, then why do they need referrals?

Keep in mind that I'm a potential Model 3 customer.
I have helped sell a few Volts and got nothing from GM, so kudos to Tesla for even trying to reward a referral sale.

On the other hand, I've seen posts from Volt owners who drive into flooded roads, damage the underside, and be rewarded by Volt Advisors with Volt goodies. How that makes any sense, I don't know.
I'm confused.

If Tesla has a backlog of orders, then why do they need referrals?

Keep in mind that I'm a potential Model 3 customer.
Simple they don't have much of a backlog. In fact I would say GM's backlog of Gen II Volts is bigger now. I just looked at the Tesla site today for the Model S and it showed order now for late September delivery. Four weeks is basically zero backlog.
I'm confused.

If Tesla has a backlog of orders, then why do they need referrals?

Keep in mind that I'm a potential Model 3 customer.
Tesla has a blog up about it.
Basically, it is an experiment. They are trying it out to see if a referral program would allow them to do without as many Tesla stores, or even reduce the number.

Each sale costs Tesla about $2000 (store personnel, buildings, etc). If Tesla can sell cars via personal referrals for the same amount, it is a lot simpler.

Frankly, I don't think it would work out as well, however, I applaud Tesla for trying it out for a couple of months.
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