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'14 Volt not able to charge on Level 2, but could charge on L1 (8 amp and 12 amp)

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My '14 Volt was bought new and now has 48K. It's been charging nightly on a Blink Level 2 home charger for the past 3 years. I've also charged it at public charging stations often. It's been very reliable so far.

So this week, when I plugged in the car to the Blink charger, I expected the car to initiate a charge for 20 seconds, then stop, with the car's charging indicator to flash slowly to indicate "delayed charging."

What I got instead was the car trying to initiate a charge, stop, start again, stop--it never would get to the "delayed charging" phase. Each time it starts and stops, the car honks once. On the dash, I saw a message "Problem Detected with Charging Station," No CEL displayed, and Onstar couldn't detect any error or fault codes.

So thinking that maybe I had a problem with the Blink Charger, I tried using 2 other Level 2 chargers:

a Panasonic portable EVSE (from a '11 Leaf) that was upgraded by EVSEUpgrade to a Level 2, and,
the Clipper Creek portable EVSE (from a '16 Volt) with a 240v adapter.

Both of these chargers also exhibited the same issue--the stop, start, stop... error.

But my '14 Volt charges fine on the supplied Level 1 charger (either on 8 amp or 12 amp). No errors or problems.

And interestingly, all 3 Level 2 chargers work perfectly fine on my 2016 Volt--no errors or problems.

Any ideas why my '14 couldn't charge on Level 2? I'm going to try a public charging station next, so that way I can rule out that possibly something is wrong with my house wiring or utility.
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You tried double plugging the L2 plugs to cancel delayed charging?
Or just disabling delayed charging by Menu or Fob or App?

I remember some oddities with delayed charge on my 2014, and don't use it anymore, but does seem to indicate the car is confused.
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