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12V Battery Trickle Charge

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I was away for 2 weeks and found that my 12V battery had died. I have a spare AGM trickle charger lying around and I wanted to see if I could bring it back to life... at least revive it so I can drive it to the dealer to get it looked at.

I haven't trickle charged this car before... but do I have unhook the battery before I do this or can I just connect the charger to it?

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Thanks for your advice. I will try that.
Just an update... I was able to get the car started and it Came back with "service electrical system" or something like that. I was also unable to get it into drive... I could physically move the shifter to drive, but the dash said "Shift to park" So I basically shifted back to park and waited for 10 minutes thinking that the main battery would charge the 12V. Then I turned the car off and turned it back on... this time, I didn't get any error messages and was able to drive the car.

I went straight to the dealership and replaced the battery.

Thanks for your help.
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