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12KW Solar gen for $2699 what is the Gimick?

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Hello Solar experts. What is the Gimick in this add? Two weeks ago there was a similiar one for $1800 at 12KW.
This makes no sense as some people pay about $20K+ for a house system. Maybe $8-15K if they do it themselves. I googled it but did not find anything on these solar generators in my searches.
I use 4000 KW-HR a month. So even if this Generator system operates at 50% during a 8hr sun day that would be: 12KW x 8hrs x .50 x 30=1440KW-HRS a month. Or about 36% of a monthly bill.
I am sure alot of factors are missing. Ie cost to wire into house. It would probally only be able to work off grid.
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That looks like total bs. No way two panels give you 12kW. Maybe 600 W. if they are the newer generation panels. Stick to reputable dealers, I like Civic Solar for my do it yourself install.
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