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110 wiring help

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Are there any issues with replacing a 3 way switch setup with 15A outlets to use for L1 charging? In my garage I have an existing 3 way switches to control the interior light from the front overhead door and a rear access door. I would like to leave this always hot as the garage door is plugged into the light socket extension. I also would like to add a GFCI to the circuit as added protection. Thanks for the technical help.
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Switching lights on and off or using the garage door could cause a lot of line noise, which will make the EVSE just flat out stop charging. That EVSE is going to chew up 12 out of 15A already, so I wouldn't risk it. Also, the EVSE has built in GFCI, so there's not really any need to put a second one in circuit. When I was running mine on L1, I installed a Leviton outlet that had built-in surge protection. What year is your Volt?
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