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110 wiring help

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Are there any issues with replacing a 3 way switch setup with 15A outlets to use for L1 charging? In my garage I have an existing 3 way switches to control the interior light from the front overhead door and a rear access door. I would like to leave this always hot as the garage door is plugged into the light socket extension. I also would like to add a GFCI to the circuit as added protection. Thanks for the technical help.
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From the description it seems that there are serious electrical shortcuts in this garage already.

- Nothing else should be on the lighting circuit especially a garage door opener. If the breaker trips it will not only stop working, you will be in the dark.
- An EVSE needs it's own dedicated 20-amp (minimum) circuit.

So a couple things need to happen:
1. Hire an electrician.
2. Electrician to assess the work needed.
3. Work to include a dedicated circuit for the EVSE.
4. Work to include a circuit for the garage door opener.
5. Work to include a circuit or circuits for general use.
6. Lighting assessment for safety and adequate lumens.
7. All work complies with local permitting and standards.
8. Home owner work is limited to writing the check.
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