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110 wiring help

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Are there any issues with replacing a 3 way switch setup with 15A outlets to use for L1 charging? In my garage I have an existing 3 way switches to control the interior light from the front overhead door and a rear access door. I would like to leave this always hot as the garage door is plugged into the light socket extension. I also would like to add a GFCI to the circuit as added protection. Thanks for the technical help.
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Another vote for going for a dedicated line... with lights and a garage door opener on the circuit, just not a good idea to throw a solid 12A on top of whatever you are already using.

At that point if you are going to run a dedicated circuit, might as well make it 240V Level 2 (Gen2 EVSS's support this out of the box)

The only way I'd feel safe running it as wired now is if you left it in 8Amp charge mode, which means charging will be super slow.
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