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1013 CCS Charging Stations in USA

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As of today, the Alternative Fuels Data Center lists 1013 CCS stations with a total of 2160 plugs (2.1 plugs per station). Canada has 113 stations.

There are 1554 CHAdeMO stations with 2822 plugs (1.8 per station), and 357 Supercharger stations with 2452 plugs (6.9 per station).
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Nice. I'm actually surprised that the average plugs per station is that high for CCS. In my region, it's 1.5 at best (about half the stations are only 1 CCS+CHAdeMO and 1 CHAdeMO).
Unlike Tesla that has a laser focus for their SC network (enable long distance travel along major interstate highways) I wish there was someone in charge of where these sites are located, locations seem ad hoc and does little to support long distance travel.
I can't wait for ChargePoint to get into the game. Their 24 kW CCS stations are just pathetic. When they finally start releasing their Express and Express Plus stations, we need to get on the phone with all the businesses where we would typically charge along the freeways. I think the future of long distance EV travel will be in the hands of businesses that add > 50 kW to their sites. Whether it be restaurants and cafes (Carl's Jr. currently seems to have a connection to ChargePoint) or larger full service sites (Walmart seems to be adding EVgo stations), we need to get these businesses close to the freeway to start adding a couple of CCS+CHAdeMO fast charging stations to ALL of their sites. Good for them. Good for us all.
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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