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I drove from Salt Lake to Cheyenne, Wyoming, in January. That's about 900 miles round trip. I have a 2016 Volt. I started with a full charge and the rest was by gas. I made the whole trip in one day. It wasn't easy. The Volt performed flawlessly. I did have to stop in Evanston to get a new wiper. The weather was horrible. From Salt Lake to Evanstan the roads were snow packed. From Ralston to Laramie there were gusting winds with drifting snow. Sometimes they have to close I-80 in Wyoming because of the winds but luckily it was open on that day. On the way back the roads were good. Since the wind was from the south, the snow drifts didn't make it across the eastbound lanes to the westbound lanes. Not fun.
1 - 1 of 20 Posts
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