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I have a 60,000 mile ELR/Volt. I've owned it 2 years, no issues besides replacing the 12 volt battery. I'm taking a 1000 mile trip in July, love my car, but wonder if because of age and the mileage the reliability has dropped enough to justify renting a car. Anyone have a car with similar or more miles that have made long trips with or without problems?
60K is no big deal. If your tires and oil life are good, you state no issues, why are you concerned about reliability ? The only reason I can see to rent is whether a two seat car meets your space needs on the trip.

I would consider renting a car, but not out of worry for the Volt.

.....and gas is so cheap, you may find a rental car is less expensive than the depreciation/wear-'n-tear on your Volt plus what remote charging would cost you.
If fee charging away from home isn't economical, don't charge. That's what is great about Voltech. It gives one the choice.
1 - 1 of 20 Posts
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