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  1. Generation 1 Volt (2011-2015)
    What happens when you run out of Electric & Gas? New YouTube channel, forum member! Hey everyone!! I've been on the site for about 3 years now. It was all of you who helped me take the plunge on my Volts. I've had 2 2013 Volts and my current is a loaded (minus navi) White Diamond Tricoat with...
  2. Generation 2 Volt (2016-2020)
    Brian Chow is the videographer for Driving Television, a Canadian automobile review show. His review of the Volt was highly positive, and had real world scenarios and feedback.
  3. Chevy Volt Accessories and Modifications
    For those who might be considering installing aftermarket HID's in their Volt, I have posted a YouTube video of the install on my wife's car. And just to nip this right in the bud: please don't hijack this thread to rant on how aftermarket HID's are dangerous or blinding. This has been...