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  1. Voltec Owner Get-Togethers and Events
    Another WRVoltec Meet-Up! Sat May 28th at 11am Are you going to be around Southern Ontario at the end of the month, join us for some EV talk and lunch in Kitchener! All EV owners / enthusiasts welcome. Reply or DM to attend
  2. Voltec Owner Get-Togethers and Events
    Yes it's time for another Volt (other EVs welcome) Meetup Tues April 19th at 7pm Kitchener ON Please reply or DM to attend Some topics to be discussed include, spring maintenance, tire pressures, live periscope from LA, Orion Bolt tour update
  3. Voltec Owner Get-Togethers and Events
    We have planned anther WRVoltec Meet-Up: Tuesday January 19th at 7pm Kitchener, ON Topics up for discusion, so far, include: All things tires, spares, replacements, and winter tires Winter electric range Auto shows Reply or PM if you have interest in attending! All are welcome.
1-3 of 3 Results