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  1. Voltec Owner Get-Togethers and Events
    That's right it's time for another WRVoltec meet-up in Waterloo Region! We will shake things up a bit this time as we will be meeting for dinner in downtown Kitchener. Wood oven pizza sound good to anyone? Tuesday March 22nd at 7pm - Kitchener, ON All are welcome, please reply or PM to attend!
  2. Voltec Owner Get-Togethers and Events
    Time for our next Waterloo Region Voltec Meetup! Tuesday June 16 at 7pm in Kitchener, ON Some of the topics up for discussion include: - Rescheduled Hamtramck Tour - Sun Counrty Highway's E-Mazing Race Updates - Public Charging in the Region If you wish to attend, please reply to this post...
1-2 of 2 Results