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    Hi all, Would anyone know why I don't see any blue bars for gasoline mileage on the Daily Driving Histogram on The car has about 2200 miles. For example, in June I did about 800 EV miles and 400 gas (CS) miles. Shouldn't the histogram show some blue when the "total mileage...
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    How can it be, that a newer 2013 Volt with less than 6600 miles holds the number 1 spot in 40% of the categories on the Voltstats "Achievements" page?? This is utter Madness! (Ari, or Plug1N owns the other 40% with Rocky Volt rounding out the last 20%.) I know, a cruel way to look at the...
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    As you know is back. There's a new king in town and the old king dropped from 15,000 MPG to 9,700... 1 2012-22542 Rocky Volt VA 16,623 MPG 2 2011-02161 CT GM-Volt CT 9,702 MPG MrEnergyCzar