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volt vs model s

  1. Volt owners are not complacent in their demands

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    Many of the volt drivers are done with their sporting phase, are good drivers, have comfortable parking situations at home and at office and until auto-park becomes faster than manual parking there seems to be no reason to be interested in it. Also, novice drivers, perhaps, cannot afford...
  2. Elon Musk dissing our Volt

    Check it out: I think he's doing rather unfair comparison. Really, was that necessary? It would be rather strange if his $90K car is beaten by the $35K Volt. Also claiming that the model S costs 'on average' $70K is a fat lie.
  3. Chevy getting scared of Tesla?

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    I happened to google "Tesla" on my android phone and had a double take at the results. LOOK at the ad at the top.... I couldn't get the page to open on my phone, oddly, unfortunately. And oddly again, when I googled "Tesla" in Chrome on my computer, I didn't get that ad. Has anybody seen this...