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  1. Interesting Volt Fire Article... positive.

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  2. Help petition Edmunds to post correct Volt info

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    So I just noticed some verbal sludge (I'm calling it that because it's such an OLD error) at the bottom of an article on the page about the Volt, and here's what I sent them. (see below). I think if they get several emails they will be more likely to update their incorrect info. So...
  3. NHTSA and GM say Volt battery issues handled properly, House subcomittee remains unconvinced

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    Yesterday the Volt was again a top automotive news story but not in a way that GM or Volt fans had hoped it would ever be. As expected, GM CEO Dan Akerson and David Strickland, administrator for the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration testified before a House subcommittee to...
  4. Analysis: PR fallout over NHTSA's Volt investigation

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    Editor's note: Today is the 70th anniversary of the Japanese bombing of Pearl Harbor on Dec. 7, 1941. Today the Chevy Volt, an American solution to pressing needs, is not being attacked by outsiders, but having to be defended from excessive and critical scrutiny by various interests in its own...
  5. GM takes 'a time out' deciding whether to redesign Volt battery and more

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    As GM continues to manage public relations implications from a federal battery investigation, its executives say that while the Volt's battery is safe already, minor redesign may be necessary and more thorough post-crash protocols are being formulated. "We want to assure the safety of our...
  6. Evaluating the Risk of Fire in a Chevy Volt

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    Editor's Note: Another guest post from Dr. Destler, president Rochester Institute of Technology. By Bill Destler   The recent tests conducted by NHTSA on Chevy Volt battery packs have raised concerns about the relative safety of the Volt, and other electric vehicles, compared to conventional...
  7. Chevy Volt was not the source of NC house fire

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    This isn’t going to be Volt fire news week – we think – but we’d be remiss to not report that last week’s North Carolina fire investigation preliminarily cleared the Volt as being the source. The blaze that cost an estimated $800,000 damage to a $1.5 million home in Mooresville is believed...
  8. Are the Volt or 240-volt plug-in chargers a fire hazard?

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    By now GM-Volt forum readers know about the Volt that was caught in a Mooresville, N.C., fire last week and controversy surrounding it. If you’ve not heard, both the Volt and the Siemens level II charger it was plugged into have been called into question as possible culprits. In the fire...